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Park Play Workout Done!

Posted by traceycenglish on October 16, 2012 at 5:00 PM

Gorgeous day + 3 year old = Park Play Workout

So you may or may not know...I'm not such a gym-goer anymore!


I teach classes at PUNCH! and love that, but other than that, I'm pretty much a solo exerciser, with the exception of some training partners I lovingly exercise with. Today. Well, I thought I may not get a workout in. Ok, that's ok. I told Libby I'd take her to the park. Little bean scooted all by herself all the way to the park. Love.

So we arrived, and BOOM, I know it's not rocket science, but everything I looked at INSTANTLY became a piece of exercise equipment! Word. Workout instantly at my fingertips.


25 single leg lunges per leg       40 decline pushups                 40 step ups
40 tricep dips                              20 box jumps


Walking lunges around            Of course, take time to            Then race up & down the hill
the play area. Lovely.               SWING! It is a park, after        over and over till the babe gives out.


How about some burpees?     Not happy about the burpees!
Tennis courts have TONS       But she didn't mind the exagerrated
of lines. Back & forth. Back     skips around the courts. Well, eventually
& forth.                                     she did. She let me know. Stubborn, she is!

So there ya' have it. I did everything twice, with the exception of the burpees and skips. Libby was having no part of going back on that court if we WEREN'T playing tennis!

Point taken. Felt good - and she thought we were "playing" the whole time!
;) I'm sneaky like that.

Just goes to show you - any place can be your gym. Just change the way you look at some things and BAM! Instant gym!!

Enjoy your day!

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